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Pest Control Services & Companies

Are you in need of an experienced pest control company for bed bug removal or rodent or termite control? Simply dial (866) 250-4176 and we will connect you with the best possible pest control company for your situation and location (our staff are available 24 hours to take your call).

We offer an overview of the best pest control companies throughout the USA. Browse our directory by clicking your state below to find the best pest exterminator in your area.

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Pest Control Services

Our local pest control companies can help you with removal and control of:

  •   Ants
  •   Aphids
  •   Bees
  •   Beetles
  •   Carpet beetles
  •   Centipedes
  •   Cockroaches
  •   Crickets
  •   Earwigs
  •   Gnats
  •   Fleas
  •   Flies
  •   Hornets
  •   Carpet beetles
  •   Lice
  •   Millipedes
  •   Mosquitoes
  •   Moths
  •   Scorpions
  •   Silverfish
  •   Slugs
  •   Snails
  •   Sowbugs
  •   Spiders
  •   Spider mites
  •   Stink bugs
  •   Ticks
  •   Voles
  •   Wasps
  •   Weevils
  •   Woodworms

  • Our friendly pest control technicians will treat the inside and outside of your home and develop a customized plan for future protection against pests.

    Rodent and Animal Removal

    Raccoons, Opossums, and other wild animals can do structural damage to your home. They can create fire hazards and create entry points for other pests. pests.  Its very important to rid your home of these pests before they cause significant damage to your property.

    Call us to get help with:

  •   Chipmunks
  •   Rats
  •   Mice
  •   Opossums
  •   Armadillos
  •   Ground hogs
  •   Squirrels
  •   Geese
  •   Pigeons
  •   Sparrows
  •   Starlings
  •   Snakes
  •   Bats
  •   Deer
  •   Moles
  •   Skunks
  •   Gophers
  •   Raccoons

  • Our pest control technicians will use traps, baits and other tools to get intruders out. We'll also patch, seal and secure your home's exterior to ensure they stay out for good.

    Bed Bug Extermination

    Bed bugs are troublesome household pests. They’re hard to find, and can pose potential health risks for you and your family.

    Our trained Bed Bug removal technicians specialise in the following removal and inspection services:

    •   Heat treatment
    •   Chemical treatment
    •   Fumigation
    •   Inspection
    •   Canine bed bug inspection

    Need bed bugs removed? Call us to find a local expert. We offer customized bed bug treatments specific to your situation, that eliminate bed bugs where they live and breed. Quick & effective, without disruption.

    Termite Control Services

    If you find signs of termite activity inside your home or office, you have several options for professional safeguarding from continued infestation and timber damage to the building. Most problems are caused by:

  •   Damp wood termites
  •   Dry wood termites
  •   Subterranean termites
  •   Formosan termites

  • If you have termites, act fast. The longer you wait, the more damage they do.

    Give us a call before these creatures eat you out of house and home.

    Reliable Pest Removal Services - Fast, on-time and safe.

    TIP: Always have the pest exterminator explain the work and costs before execution, preferably having them provide this in writing before you accept their services as this will prevent any unpleasant surprises.

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    Recent Reviews

    Miracle Pest Elimination
    Location: Saginaw, MI
    Brian from Miracle Pest Elimination helped us quickly when we called in a raccoon problem. He managed to catch the raccoon that was building a nest in our ceiling and fixed our problem. Thanks again for your great help!
    Rating: (5 / 5)
    Ace Walco Termite & Pest Control
    Location: Staten Island, NY
    Really good company! Solved my carpenter ant problem! I had a recurring problem with carpenter ants and Ace Walco has done a great job getting rid of them!
    Rating: (5 / 5)
    A Regional Termite & Pest Control Inc
    Location: Staten Island, NY
    Good company, prompt, knowledgable and fairly priced. They have taken good care of us for years. Got bugs? Give them a call.
    Rating: (5 / 5)
    Academy Pest Services Inc
    Location: Staten Island, NY
    Great company. Hired them several times, a bed bug issue a year ago, now a problem with pesky ants in my home. Prompt and professional service every time. If you have a pest problem and need an exterminator, call Josh! He is very friendly and very good at what he does! Highly recommend.
    Rating: (5 / 5)